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WBCE is an easy to use content management system basing on PHP/MySQL. The open source CMS is free for personal and commercial use. WBCE is maintained by an active community. If you have any questions, have a look into the WBCE forum where you can find support to all topics regarding WBCE.

At first, WBCE meant WebsiteBaker Community Edition, because it started as an further development of the CMS WebsiteBaker 2.8.3 SP4 (which development got stuck for a too long time). Starting with WBCE 1.1, our CMS has new features and functions, an improved security and is far more than just a "bugfix". WBCE as Way Better Content Editing: This is our definition of a modernized backend, great ease of use and highest flexibility. Welcome to WBCE!

Download Version 1.1.10


IMPORTANT (2016/12/28): A security issue concerning PHPmailer was discovered. The fix provided yesterday (12/27/2016) does NOT fix this issue! Please install the NEW available Patch immediately! See forum for details.

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